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PSA Hydrogen Separation Device

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The PSA hydrogen separation device is particularly offered for separating hydrogen, which is the major industrial gas and special gas, from coke oven gas, semi-water gas, methanol fueled exhaust, formaldehyde exhaust, reformed gas, FCC dry gas, methanol pyrolysis gas, ammonia pyrolysis gas, and so on.

The PSA hydrogen separation device comes with advanced and mature hydrogen separating technology. The indicators adopted conform to international advanced level. Our hydrogen separating equipment is the ideal choice for those seeking for the product with high feasibility and long lifespan.

Performance Index
1) Production capacity of air separator: 100-200000Nm3/h
2) Hydrogen purity: max. 99.999%

1) The PSA hydrogen separation device provides advanced and reliable gas separating technology, realizing high-purity hydrogen recovery.
2) Simple operation, convenient starting and stopping
3) Highly automatic, the hydrogen separating system has high flexibility and high reliability for long-term operation.

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