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Dimethyl Ether Production Unit

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The production and application of dimethyl ether is strategically significant for economy and environmental protection. So we developed the dimethyl ether production unit, or DME systhesis plant, for customers who have a need for it.

As we all know, dimethyl ether is an important organic chemical material, heavily used in industry and daily life. In industries, it is mainly used for the production of fuel, refrigerant, aerosol agent, foaming agent, and other organic synthesis raw materials. In daily life, whether used as a household fuel or an alternative to diesel and gasoline as car fuel, its preparation, storage, and distribution are all easy with its cleanness.

Our dimethyl ether production unit has the following features:
1. directly takes fine or crude methanol as raw material.
2. methanol recovery and distillation of dimethyl ether do not consume steams, and the energy consumption is low.
3. less side reaction occurrence in synthesis reaction process; highly active catalyst and long life; low separation costs and raw material consumption.
4. recycling of waste water for secondary use, no waste water discharges.

If you want to buy the advanced and highly efficient dimethyl ether production unit, please provide specific requirements and environmental parameters, we can provide professional proposal and quotation. When sending an enquiry, please advise:
1. quality (purity) and quantity (measured in kg/hr) requirements for dimethyl ether synthesis
2. purpose in using dimethyl ether
3. if a local supply of methanol material is available
4. basic conditions of project sites (such as altitude, barometric pressure, ambient temperature, extreme temperatures, earthquake intensity, maximum wind speed, etc)
5. public engineering conditions (such as power supplies, motor starting requirement, whether there is a supply of cooling water)

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