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Exterior view of the factory

Large production scale and output

The company covers an area of 87,000m3. We have pressure vessels in a complete range of capacities. Annually, we produce more than 800 storage tanks and more than 20 sets of gas plants. Our air separation plants all have reached a 40000Nm3/h level. Our 2000-10000m3 large cryogenic liquid storage tank was listed into national key scientific and technological projects. With a strong production capacity, we are able to cover urgent orders, as well as orders for high-performance equipment.

  • Large production
    scale and output 1
  • Large production
    scale and output 2
  • No.1 workshop
  • No.1 workshop
  • No.1 workshop
  • No.1 factory

Advanced production equipment and technology

To improve our design, we keep a technical cooperation with PRAXAIR and LINDE and benefit a lot from it. We have our own technical centers, including Sichuan Institute of Cryogenic Equipment, Welding Research Center, Engineering Technology Research Institute, etc. The company has more than 100 professional inspection and test people and registered quality engineers.

The company has standard digital management system and modern processing equipment. The equipment includes advanced digital underwater plasma cutting machine, automatic TIG welding equipment, aluminum alloy internal-external combination longitudinal-circumferential welding system (USA), etc.

  • Advanced planer
  • Pipe prefabrication
    automatic welding machine
  • Plasma welding machine
  • Advanced steel rolling machine

Complete testing and quality assurance system

We implement strict quality control and have passed ISO14001-2004 certification and military quality system certification. We are also an ASME qualified manufacturer. All the pressure vessels are ASME and CE approved.

Product quality has our prior attention and the quality control department is important in the entire structure of the company. In raw material testing and production process, we are more restrictive than Chinese national standards. We adopt visual, NDT, chemical-physical and pressure testing methods in the detection. Every welding seam undergoes rigorous inspection test, and the vacuum degree surpasses that of most competitor products.

Our test center has several world-leading detection devices: helium mass spectrometer leak detector, impact testing machine, tensile testing machine, metallographic analyzer, nondestructive testing equipment, etc.

  • X-ray detection chamber
  • Mechanical experiments
  • Raw material stress testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Welding seam inspection report
  • Penetration test report
  • Inspection report for mechanical and
    bending properties of product welded
    test coupon (plate)
  • Report for magnetic-particle examination

  • Evaluation table for film of weld
    radiographic examination
  • Pickling and degrease report

  • Inspection report for profile and
    geometric size of pressure vessel
  • Pressure test report

Cost-saving sourcing of raw materials and spare parts

We are in partnership with many top domestic manufactures of steels, valves, instruments and pipes. We directly buy raw materials from manufactures, not from any middlemen, thus reducing costs. All the raw materials have their manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, we conduct double checks on raw materials to ensure that they are qualified. By doing in this way, we guarantee both the best price and the finest workmanship.

  • Aluminim quality certificate
  • Stainless steel pipe quality certificate
  • Valve quality certificate
  • Pressure gauge quality certificate

Standard management

The workshop practices 5S management, and management guidance is provided in the workshop. We require timely detection and immediate solution of problems.

In the workshop

Sound packaging and timely delivery

We take different packing approaches according to specific requirements. Wrapped bags and wooden boxes are commonly used for waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof purposes, ensuring that every equipment remains in perfect condition after delivery.

In terms of logistics, the company has a large warehouse and a unique 800 ton private-owned wharf. We can deliver 500 tons of oversized cargos directly through the canal to Shanghai port. We also have several highways near us for land transport. We are 180 km from Shanghai port and 80 km from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Customer visit and equipment delivery are both very convenient.

  • Wooden case
  • Container
  • Extra-large piece delivery
  • Skid-packing

Excellent teamwork

We have more than 100 technical and management people with middle and senior titles. We carry out a variety of training activities, improving the cohesion and duty sense of team. Every employee is regarded as a part of our strategies, missions and visions.

  • Sales training
  • Technical team

Professional sales and service support

In marketing, we adhere to the concept of all for development and all for customer.
Branch sales offices are set up in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions, including United States, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Viet Nam, Philippines, the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bangladesh, Iraq, India, Taiwan, etc. We are the designated supplier of some big international brands in gas industry.

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  • 2007 9th China International Exhibition
    on Gas Technology, Equipment and
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