Air Separation Unit for Mexican Customer

In December 2011, Cryoinfra S.A.DE C.V., the second largest gas company in Mexico, visited our company. Our large factory and excellent products both made quite an impression. The customer compared our quotation with the other one from a United States supplier, and thought that ours was more cost-effective.

Soon after, they sent a second team of professionals to our company for further investigation and technical discussions, and placed their first order of air separation plant KDOAr-2500/70Y (2500NM3/H oxygen gas, 70NM3/H liquid argon).

The set of equipment had been successfully installed and put to production. Now the customer has signed the second purchasing contract of another set of air separation unit. They are ready to keep a long-term partnership with us.

  • Cold box delivery
  • On-board inspection
  • Electric Control Cabinet
  • Process Facilities
  • Process Pipeline
  • KDOAr-2500/70Y
  • Expander
  • Bridge
  • Oxygen Compressor
  • Oxygen Compressor 2
  • Entire Plant 1
  • KDOAr-2500/70Y