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Company Tour

Welcome to Hangzhou Chuankong General Equipment Co.,ltd. please follow us for a visit to our office buildings and factories.


We have 15,000 square meters of office buildings, including conference rooms, the marketing office, technical office, etc. We also have clean canteen, dormitory and staff room for employees.

  • Gate
  • Floor guide
  • Technical office
  • Conference room
  • Project discussion
  • Canteen

Raw material and spare part workshop

a. suppliers: TISCO, Baosteel,Huzhou Jiuli, Zhejiang Zhongda, Zhangjiagang Huafu, Xinyang Sanyuan, Hangyang, Wuxi KOSO.
b. quality control and tracking procedures: raw material sourcing, supplier assessment, data review, chemical analysis, and mechanical test. Every step is strictly conducted in line with company standards.
c. material testing and identification (procedures, methods, and equipment): quality manual; procedure document; standards such as codes of pressure vessel, GB150, GB18443, GB35311 and ASME; a variety of models of physical-chemical devices.

  • Raw material workshop-stainless steel plates
  • Raw material workshop-steel pipes
  • Spare part 1
  • Spare part 2


We have 17 pieces of 5T-160T cranes and 25 pieces of roller carriers. The maximum lifting size is 35×4.5m, and the maximum lifting weight is 2×160T. Large workpieces can be easily moved from one side to the other side of the workshop in a fast speed.

  • 160T crane
  • LNG tank at delivery
  • Crane
  • CO2 mobile tank at delivery


a. cutting machine: we have the world-leading digital underwater plasma cutting machine, which features high efficiency and small deviation.
b. bending machine: we have 10 high precision bending machines with a deviation less than 50mm.
c. planer: 12 meters at one stroke.
d. welding machine: we have 12 automatic welding machines, 10 AC welding machines, 1 all-position welding robot. We are also proud to have 35 senior welders with years of experience.

  • Non-destructive plate grabbing device
    (effectively protects raw materials
    from damage at the installation)
  • CNC plasma cutting machine

  • Planer
  • 2×160T crane
  • Bending machine that is capable
    of bending 50mm thick plates
  • Double-sided vertical welding

  • 25×5m overall welding seam RT inspection room
  • Automatic TIG welding equipment
  • Automatic plasma welding
  • Automatic pipe bender
  • Pressure test room
  • Air circulation blast cleaning room
  • Tank pipe polishing
  • Perlite filling
  • Annealing furnace
  • Paint room

Testing workshop and equipment

We implement a testing standard that is higher than the national one, to ensure that every product has a long service life. We have hydrogen mass spectrometer leak detector, impact testing machine, tensile testing machine, metallographic analyzer, nondestructive testing equipment, etc. We also have a complete inspection and testing plan, and all the inspection records and test reports are complete and traceable.

  • X-ray irradiation chamber 1
  • X-ray irradiation chamber 2
  • Pressure testing
  • Impact testing machine
  • Impact testing notch broacher
  • High-speed automatic furnace
  • Chemistry lab
  • Balance
  • Temperature regulator
  • Intelligent carbon and sulfur analyzer

Health and safety

Safety inspection coverage: productionsite, personal protective equipment, surroundings, emergency ambulance, fire safe passage, etc.

  • Safety sign 1
  • Safety sign 2
  • Safety method 1
  • Safety method 2


Our new factory is located at the band of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. We have our own private basin wharf in a size of 46m×16m×8m (l×w×h). When the production is completed, the finished equipment can be lifted aboard directly from the workshop and transported by river to Shanghai or other ports (150km from Shanghai port). The river transport can go beyond restrictions on large pressure vessels of land transport. Even the 600m3 tank can be easily and quickly delivered to the port.

  • Internal transport wharf 1
  • Internal transport wharf 2
  • No.2 factory production
  • Loading within the factory