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VPSA Oxygen Generator

The VPSA oxygen generator works under the penetration of atmospheric pressure. It adopts a special molecular sieve to selectively adsorb unwanted parts such as N2, CO2 and H2O of the air. Then under vacuum condition, the VPSA oxygen plant conducts desorption on the molecular sieve. This process is repeated and thus generating high purity oxygen (90~94%).

The device may serve as chemical oxygen generator, aquaculture oxygen generator, etc. It is widely used in steelmaking, glass melting, bleaching of pulp and paper, wastewater treatment, non-ferrous metal smelting, petrochemical and chemical industries, ore processing, aquaculture, fermentation, water treatment and other fields.

The VPSA oxygen generator has the following features:
1. instant start, high efficiency.
2. fully automatic running, unattended operation without the need for work shift.
3. high efficient molecular sieve filling. The filling is tighter, more solid, effectively extending service life.
4. adjustable pressure and purity for different needs.
5. reasonable structure, safe and stable, suitable for large O2 demand.

Raw material air:
Pressure: 0.3-0.5bar
Pressure dew point ≤ 10 ℃
Oil ≤ 0.003mg/m3
Input: depends on O2 output

O2 yield:
Pressure ≤ 0.2bar
Atmospheric pressure dew point ≤ - 45 ℃
Purity: 93% ± 3
O2 output: 100-5000Nm3/h

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