1. PSA Oxygen GeneratorIf you do not ask high for O2 purity, then the PSA oxygen generator is a good choice for you. The PSA oxygen plant features small footprint, low power consumption, instant start, less investment and fully automatic running.
    1. VPSA Oxygen GeneratorThe VPSA oxygen generator works under the penetration of atmospheric pressure. It adopts a special molecular sieve to selectively adsorb unwanted parts such as N2, CO2 and H2O of the air. Then under vacuum condition, the VPSA oxygen plant conducts desorption on the molecular sieve.
    1. PSA Nitrogen GeneratorThe process takes advantage of the different adsorption and diffusion rates of N2 and O2 through the carbon molecular sieve. Valves are controlled to be open or closed by a programmable controller. The open and close action realizes adsorption and desorption by pressure swing. Thus, the separation of N2 and O2 is completed.

PSA Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant

The PSA oxygen/nitrogen plant is a widely used gas generator for industrial O2 and N2 production. It is commonly found in steel plant, food processing plant, chemical plant, paper mill, glass plant, non-ferrous metal smelting plant, etc.

Compared with large scale air separation plant, the PSA plant asks for fewer investment, smaller space, and less energy. It also features stable performance, simple operation, and high degree of automation. The purity of O2 and N2 yields can be 93% and 99.99% respectively. The equipment can be designed freely to be fit for specific purposes.

Our PSA gas plant includes the PSA oxygen plant, VPSA oxygen plant, and the PSA nitrogen plant. If you need any one of them, please provide specific requirements and environmental parameters to us, we will make a professional quotation accordingly.

Please advise the following information when sending an enquiry:
1. O2 or N2 purity, yield, usage, and outlet pressure
2. site elevation, power supply voltage
3. if cylinder filling is needed
4. other requirements