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Small Size Air Separation Plant

If you have a hard access to the local air supply, which is both expensive and unstable, try our small size air separation plant. It is fit for small gas company, ship recycling plant, small steel plant, or large hospital. With it, you can speed up investment recovery and get rid of supply headaches. It serves as laboratory nitrogen generator, industrial gas generator,medical oxygen generator, etc.

This series adopts a skid-mounted design. The space occupation is small and the installation is quite easy. In addition, the small air separation plant also features low power consumption, instant start, and easy maintenance. In addition, we designed a series of mini nitrogen separator (10L-50L/H) dedicated for laboratory use.

Main Parameters
O2 output: 50Nm3, 100Nm3, 150Nm3, 180Nm3, 350Nm3/h
Grade: industrial oxygen or medical oxygen
Purity: 99.6%
N2 gas output: 50Nm3-350Nm3/h
Liquid N2 output: 10L-300L/h
Purity: 99.999%

Purchasing Guide
If you need a small size air separation plant, please tell us your specific requirements and environmental parameters, so that our engineers and sales team can make professional quotations accordingly.

Please advise:
1. altitude, temperatures (highest temperature in summer and lowest temperature in winter), humidity, earthquake intensity and wind speed;
2. voltage including high voltage and low voltage;
3. your requirements on the output and purity of liquid oxygen or oxygen gas, as indicated below:

Description Output (Nm3/h) Purity Ex-Cold Box Pressure (Barg)
Gaseous Oxygen %
Liquid Oxygen %
Gaseous Nitrogen ≤ ppm O2
Liquid Nitrogen ≤ ppm O2
Liquid Argon ≤ ppm O2
≤ ppm N2

4. for industrial use or medical use
5. other information

Reference list for ASU

Company name Model No. Qty
Vietnam Hanoi Gas Co., Ltd KDON-1000Y/1000Y Liquid Air Separation Plant 1 set
Vietnam Ship Building Gas Company KDON-1000Y/1000Y 1 set
P.T. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk Jambi – Indonesia Project KDON-1750/2000 1 set
P.T. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk Perawang – Indonesia Project KDON-1750/2000(170Y) 1 set
Export to India KDONAr-3500(110Y)/2500(75Y)/100Y 1 set
Export to Pakistan KDONAr-2000Y/1000Y/65Y 1 set
Export to Malaysia KDON-1000Y/1000Y 1 set
Export to Yemen KDOAr-875Y/1000Y/25Y 1 set
Syria SMI Company KDONAr-4500(250Y)/400(50Y)/140Y 1 set
Export to Syria KDON-1250/32 1 set
Malaysia SIBU OXYGEN SDN.BHD KDON-350Y(/350Y) 1 set
Export to Iran KDONAr-2400/3600/70Y 1 set
Export to India KZON-600Y/3300Y 1 set
Export to Mexico KDOAr-2500/70Y 1 set
Semec Agencies (Nigeria) Limited KDON-400Y/(400Y) 1 set
Ghani gases Ltd (Pakistan) KZONAr-2600Y/400Y/85Y 1 set
Cryoinfra S.A de C.V (Mexico) KZONAr-8000(1500Y) 11600(13600Y) /280Y Air Separation Plant and Nitrogen Liquefaction 1 set
Export to Armenia KDOAr-550/12 1 set
Iternational Trade & Industrial Technology ITRITEC GMBH (Iran) KDONAr-7500/1360(60Y)/250Y 1 set
BMM Steel Factory IN INDIA 425TPD (internal compression process) 1 set
NECO Steel Factory IN INDIA 340TPD( 9920Nm’/h oxygen) 1 set
EIGL IN INDIA 3900Y 1 set
Vietnam Messer Haiphong Industrial Gases Co.,Ltd YPON-5600/6000 liquefied cold box
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