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Acetylene Cylinder

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The acetylene cylinder stores acetylene by dissolving it in acetone solvent. It is seamless cylindrical bottle made of superior carbon steel or low-alloy steel. The steel gas cylinder has porous fillers that are soaked with acetone inside it. So it serves as a reliable and secure acetylene bottle.

The design, manufacture and testing all comply with GB11638 standards. The acetylene cylinder is widely used in cutting, welding, lighting, chemical analysis, military engineering and other fields.

Main Parameters
Nominal volume: 2L-40L
Nominal outer diameter: 102mm-250mm
Height: 410mm-1404mm
Tare weight: 4.6Kg-50Kg
Wall thickness: 3.0mm-4.5mm
Acetone filling quantity: 0.68Kg-12Kg
Acetylene filling quantity: 0.34Kg-6Kg

Purchasing Guide
If you need this pressure vessel, please advise about your target volume, working pressure and quantity, we will make quotations accordingly.

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