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Cryogenic Centrifugal Pump

The cryogenic centrifugal pump adopts a directly-connected style, which features structural simplicity. Pump spiral shell and impeller are made of high strength bronze alloy, thus guarantees a safe sealing and good durability in liquid oxygen. This cryopump adopts high strength centrifugal stainless steel shaft. The impeller passes static and dynamic balance and over speed experiment. The adjustable frequency speed motor widens the work range of the vacuum pump. The liquid inlet has flexible connection and liquid inlet filter. The inlet is stable with small vibration.

The cryogenic centrifugal pump is widely used in tank filling, tanker loading and cryogenic liquid delivery.

Main Parameters
1. flow rate: 13~24m3/h
2. medium: liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon
3. lift: 60M; 90M; 130M

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