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    1. Large/Middle Size Air Separation PlantLiquid air separation plant pioneers the trend of future development. Liquid products are easy for quality control, storage and delivery. They also work with higher efficiency. So the liquid air separation unit is favored by more and more users.
      Our experienced technical team will propose the most economical solutions that best meet your requirements.
    1. Small Size Air Separation PlantThis series adopts a skid-mounted design. The space occupation is small and the installation is quite easy. In addition, the small air separation plant also features low power consumption, instant start, and easy maintenance. In addition, we designed a series of mini nitrogen separator (10L-50L/H) dedicated for laboratory use.
    1. CO2 Recovery Plant from Rich CO2 SourceOur CO2 recovery plant can be customized to process CO2 sources with different concentrations and impurities. It can produce food-grade CO2 that complies with ISBT standards. The yield can be used in cola products, such as Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.
    1. CO2 Generator from Carbon-Contained FuelFor this device, the CO2 gas comes from the combustion of carbon fuels, such as coal, LNG, diesel and petrol. The gas got through this way is clean, pure, and easy to handle. Then the gas is refined by MEA adsorption and desorption, as well as cryogenic distillation techniques.
  • LNG Purification and Liquefaction PlantThe optimization of energy resource structure has taken place in the world, and environment protection is attracting increasingly more attention. LNG (liquefied natural gas) is regard as the cleanest energy worldwide. More and more countries tend to use LNG with respect to its cleanness.
    1. PSA Oxygen GeneratorIf you do not ask high for O2 purity, then the PSA oxygen generator is a good choice for you. The PSA oxygen plant features small footprint, low power consumption, instant start, less investment and fully automatic running.
    1. VPSA Oxygen GeneratorThe VPSA oxygen generator works under the penetration of atmospheric pressure. It adopts a special molecular sieve to selectively adsorb unwanted parts such as N2, CO2 and H2O of the air. Then under vacuum condition, the VPSA oxygen plant conducts desorption on the molecular sieve.
    1. PSA Nitrogen GeneratorThe process takes advantage of the different adsorption and diffusion rates of N2 and O2 through the carbon molecular sieve. Valves are controlled to be open or closed by a programmable controller. The open and close action realizes adsorption and desorption by pressure swing. Thus, the separation of N2 and O2 is completed.
    1. Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic TankOur vacuum insulated cryogenic tank is double-walled cylindrical vacuum tank with low thermal conductive perlite sand in between. The sand layer goes through vacuum treatment to reduce loss due to evaporation. The tank has two lower liquid inlet valves.
    1. LPG TankThe LPG tank comes in two types: ground horizontal type and underground horizontal type. This liquid gas tank is a widely used LPG cylinder. The liquefied petroleum gas can be used for metal cutting, non-ferrous metal smelting, farm product roasting, industrial kiln burning, car fuel consumption, residential use, etc.
    1. Cryogenic Semi-trailer TankerWe have LO2 tanker, LN2 tanker, LAr tanker, LCO2 transport tanker, LNG semi trailer tanker, etc. They are all characterized by high security, big storage capacity, flexible use and good heat insulation. They can be equipped with various accessories according to specific requirements.
    1. Mobile Cryogenic TankThe mobile cryogenic tank integrates advantages of the liquid gas storage tank and the semi-trailer tanker. It is light in weight and compatible with various types of frames. So, it is easy to be fitted in any tanker frame. Also due to the light weight, it reduces the shipping costs.
    1. Cryogenic ISO TankAs a liquid gas container, the ISO tank enjoys all the advantages of container transport - fast, reliable, affordable, beautiful and beneficial to the environment. It comes various specifications: 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft and non-standard types.
    1. Ambient Air VaporizerThe ambient air vaporizer asks for no assistance from other electric heating equipment. The air heated vaporizer is highly efficient, eco-friendly and energy saving. It enjoys wide applicability and high vaporization rate.
    1. Water Bath VaporizerThis series of water heated vaporizers is made of superior materials, with compact structure and small size. It is capable of long time efficient operation with extremely stable vaporization volume. It is safe, reliable and durable.
    1. Gas Cylinder Filling PumpThe gas cylinder filling pump features classical design and stable performance. The gas filling pump adopts high vacuum jacketed pump with little cold loss and reliable sealing effect. It is capable of 24-hour continuous operation and is also easy to maintain and repair.
    1. CO2 Cylinder Filling PumpThe CO2 cylinder filling pump adopts packing seal design, so it has longer service life. This gas filling pump is capable of quick pre-cooling, and dry ice is not easy to form. It is a solid stainless steel pump. Moreover, its structure is simple, so it is easy for maintenance. The machine is capable of a 24-hour continuous quiet running.
    1. High Flow Cryogenic PumpThe high flow cryogenic pump, as the name suggests, is a cryogenic pump of intermediate pressure and large flow. This piston pump adopts modular design with wide flow coverage. The design is simple, so it is easy for maintenance. The sealing structure is secure and reliable.
    1. Five-Column Cryogenic PumpThe five-column cryogenic pump adopts modular design with a wide flow range. The cryogenic liquid pump adopts simple design, so it is easy for maintenance. The sealing structure is safe and reliable. A variety of configurations improve the security and automation degree of the gas pump.
    1. L-CNG Cylinder Filling PumpOur L-CNG cylinder filling pump is a high pressure pump dedicated for use in L-CNG stations. The suitable medium is liquefied natural gas. This cryogenic liquid pump has a high vacuum jacket to minimize cold loss. All the electrical parts meet explosion-proof requirements.
    1. Cryogenic Centrifugal PumpPump spiral shell and impeller are made of high strength bronze alloy, thus guarantees a safe sealing and good durability in liquid oxygen. This cryopump adopts high strength centrifugal stainless steel shaft. The impeller passes static and dynamic balance and over speed experiment. The adjustable frequency speed motor widens the work range of the vacuum pump.
    1. Cryogenic Submerged Pump for LNGThe cryogenic submerged pump for LNG has the pump body and motor completely submerged in medium liquid. This structure puts an end to liquid loss, and guarantees a quick start of the submersible pump.
    1. Refrigerant PumpThe refrigerator pump is a corrosion-resistantstainless steel pump. This freon pump can be filled with oil or water, freon and most corrosive liquids. The pump body is made of superior aluminum and stainless steel cylinder plunger. We offer appropriate sealing components based on different pressurized liquids.
    1. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning MachineThe working principle of dry ice blast cleaning machine is similar to that of steel grit blasting, plastic sand blasting and soda blasting machines. In dry cleaning, the dry ice pellets are accelerated in high pressure and ejected to blast the surface to be cleaned.
    1. Dry Ice Making MachineWe are committed to the research and production of the novel dry ice making machine which features low energy consumption, good appearance and operation simplicity. To meet diversified needs of customers at home and abroad, our experienced production team has created many kinds